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Work on Apartments/Escort in Switzerland Zürich


5 500 Kč


Hello and welcome girls from all over Poland. We are looking for fun ladies aged 18-30 years.

We guarantee an average of 8000 koron daily and even larger ...

Here, there are no girls who do not make money :)

What makes you more successful depends on your attitude, your enthusiasm, your job and your desire to work. I am looking

for well-mannered and confident girls to work on a Private Accommodation + Departure to accommodation. The apartment is beautiful, clean and well maintained on 3 floors. Brand new high class apartment for our growing team. If you are kind, can make your customers feel good in your companionship, then I invite you. For my part, I can provide:

-means for work

-effective advertising


-Security and Safe environment

-convenient working hours

-clear accounting system

-All tips are just for you

-airport pickup

-help in any situation

-Work in a family atmosphere

-help for starters and help for the beginners

-internet (wifi)

All you have to do is take care of your apartment, your beauty, hygiene, and be ready to work. The girls who we work with have peace and mental comfort, ease and calm atmosphere and a thick wallet. Do you have a colleague/friend looking for the same type of work? then take her with you!

You are interested ? have additional questions? Please write email, sms or call. If you have any doubts I will gladly answer all your questions with meaningful information.

Greetings, contact on Wh app is possible!

We speak German, English and polish but a Little bit understand czeski

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